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Bad or no credit? Bankruptcy? Guaranteed Financing!



Guaranteed Credit Approval Vehicles for Sale at Tate Branch in Artesia, New Mexico! 


You read right! Whether you have no credit, credit issues or even a bankruptcy, we can get you APPROVED, GUARANTEED!

  Folks, we don't have to tell you, but times have been tough lately, and we've all felt it one way or the other. If you've had credit issues or have not established credit, or even if you've had a bankruptcy, it surely doesn't mean you don't need a car or truck! If you've been turned down for an auto loan, Tate Branch has the fix, GUARANTEED!

  To compound our recent economic times, banks have made it harder and harder to borrow money, especially where credit issues lie, making it all but impossible for someone to buy a car that may not have been as fortunate as others. We have what banks don't, Guaranteed Financing!

  Have you ever got all jazzed up about buying a car then they lead you into the office and some tie wearing goof with a superiority complex looks down his nose at you and informs you that 'your credit just doesn't cut it'? Not at Tate Branch. We can get you financed and we'll treat you with respect.

  No matter what your credit history is, or a lack of credit, or even a bankruptcy, our Guaranteed Financing will get you in the right car at the right price. We are in it for the long run. Maybe you aren't ready for a new car today, but by building/rebuilding your credit history, and by us doing everything possible to help you, we hope you'll consider us for a new car, tomorrow! So we're here, every step of the way.

  It's true. No matter what you do in the future, a good credit score will help in everything you do. Don't give up! Start fixing it today by building/rebuilding your credit with Tate Branch Dodge.

  The next step in getting your credit established or re-established, and most importantly getting you in the car or truck that you need, is to provide us with some basic information. We have 3 ways of gathering this information, choose whichever you are more comfortable with:

 Option 1 -  Apply in person

 Option 2 - Apply on the phone  Option 3 - Apply online
 Tate Branch Dodge
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 Ask for our Guaranteed Financing   Credit Specialist
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 Tate Branch Dodge
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Ask for Our Guaranteed Financing
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Guaranteed Financing. We don't even know what 'turn down' means.

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