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Car finance is different for every driver looking to upgrade their vehicle, but with the right help, you can get the right vehicle finance online pre-approval for you! At Tate Branch Artesia, you can apply for car finance online with our tool and start the car buying process on your time! If you’re interested in a new or used vehicle, and whether you’re looking to lease or buy, our car finance online tool can help you out!

No matter your credit score or budget, the specialists at our finance center near Clovis can help you upgrade to the car you want today! Start the car finance online process by filling out the online application above. If you’re having trouble, contact us or visit our finance center for more information!

How To Fill Out The Car Finance Online Application?

Filling out the vehicle finance online pre-approval application is a fairly easy process to do. You’ll be adding in various data points about your budgeting and what financial route you’d like to take. This all depends on your current financial situation and what it allows you to take. From here, we can determine how much you can get with a car loan and other details of the car buying process!

Leasing vs. Buying a Car

When filling out our car finance online application, you’ll be asked, whether you intend to finance or lease the vehicle you’re interested in. But some of our Roswell customers may not be sure about the difference between leasing and buying cars. Check out the difference below:


With this, you lease, or rent, a vehicle for a limited amount of time and miles. Once the lease ends, you can do one of the following:

  • Lease another new vehicle
  • Finance the vehicle you were leasing
  • Or, neither


With financing, you take out a car loan with us and along with a down payment, you pay off the vehicle in monthly installments.

Apply For Financing With Tate Branch Artesia

If you see a vehicle that you like for sale at our Ruidoso dealership, start the car finance online application process today. No matter where your personal financing stands, you can get the car of your choice with us. Contact us today for more information!