How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Car Battery

Many of our Clovis customers ask us how long do car batteries last? In general, you can expect to get a new battery every three to four years. Although, this interval will vary from car to car and driver to driver. Be wary of the signs that a car battery change is necessary so you can bring your vehicle to our Artesia service center. A dead battery can ruin your day and even week, so it’s best to be knowledgeable of the signs you need a change.

Usually, most cars and trucks have an average vehicle battery life of 3 to 4 years. The range actually depends on a few factors unique to your vehicle, environment, and your driving habits. Keep reading to learn about the signs that your vehicle’s battery is declining. Our Tate Branch Artesia service center is here to help prevent you from being stranded due to a dead battery. We’ll delve into average vehicle battery life and signs that indicate your vehicle needs a new battery

Average Vehicle Battery Life 

You’ll likely get a different answer depending on who you talk to in Roswell about the time period between car battery changes. Typically, the recommendation is every 5 to 6 years, but some may suggest every two years. The scheduling generally falls in the middle of that at 3 to 4 years to play it safe. 

Changing your car battery is a part of your routine service, albeit, less frequent than oil changes, tire service and brake checks. Although, it is common to have it inspected as part of your routine maintenance visit just to be sure it’s functioning properly. There are quite a few factors that negatively affect the lifespan of your battery. 

Replacing your car battery is an instrumental part of properly maintaining your vehicle with routine service. Actually, it’s right up there with oil changes, brake service, and tire service. Lucky for you Tate Branch Artesia offers top-notch OEM service to keep you rolling. 

What Factors Shorten Battery Life?

There could be a few mechanical issues that cause your vehicle’s battery to drain, and our service center professionals can diagnose these for you. However, driving habits and geography can are huge factors determining your car battery life:

  • Driving Habits: If you don’t drive routinely, and leave your vehicle sitting for long periods of time, this may weaken the battery. During your commute, try taking the longer scenic route, this gives your battery time to charge up. Be sure you don’t leave the power on when the ignition is off. Also, leaving an interior light on overnight can easily drain the battery. 
  • Climate & Location: Year-round driving in a hot climate will weaken your battery more than driving in a cooler climate. 

Signs Your Car Battery is Low 

It’s good to be aware of the signs your car’s battery is failing before it dies altogether. Our service professionals agree that these signs most indicate that a dead battery might be on your horizon: 

  • Electric issues (cell phone charger, heated seats, etc. aren’t working) 
  • Connectors for the battery are corroded 
  • The battery case looks warped or misshapen 
  • The check engine light is on 
  • The engine is slow to start 
  • Car lights are dim

Generally, if your car’s battery is approaching three years old, it may be nearing the end of its life. Be aware of those warning signs above during this time. They generally indicate that your battery’s life is rapidly decaying. Schedule your service to have your battery checked with us if you notice any of these signs.

Schedule a Car Battery Change at Tate Branch Artesia! 

At Tate Branch Artesia, we’re proud to offer expert battery service for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Wagoneer vehicles near Artesia. Now that you know the answer to the question, “How long do car batteries last,” you can plan ahead for your next car battery service. Schedule with our service center online or by phone at 575-616-7757 to learn more about our battery services and our current service offers in Ruidoso!

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