How Much is an Oil Change at Tate Branch Artesia

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Oil changes are one of the most essential maintenance procedures that you can do on your vehicle. According to most auto experts, the average oil change ranges from $25 to $50, depending on the service shop you take it to and the oil you use. At Tate Branch Artesia, our Artesia service center specializes in oil changes on a variety of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and RAM models.

Many of our customers ask how much does it cost for an oil change? We answer all of their questions at our service center! If you want to save time during your busy day, schedule an appointment with our Las Cruces-area service center to get your oil changed. Also, apply for financing with our finance center to see what deals and specials are available on our new vehicles today!

How Much Does an Oil Change Cost

There are many factors that go into how expensive or inexpensive an oil change will cost. See what these factors are below:

  • Synthetic oil is typically more expensive than conventional oil, on average costing between $45 and $70. It lasts longer and is designed for high-performance engines, but it’s not required in most vehicles. If you need a synthetic oil change, it will likely cost more. Consult your owner’s manual to see if your car requires synthetic oil.
  • If you want the performance of synthetic oil at a lower price, a synthetic/conventional blend might be a good choice.
  • Service departments at dealerships will typically charge little more than the cost of the oil and labor. An oil change is an opportunity for us to prove that we can handle any service tasks that you require, now and in the future.
  • If you have a new vehicle, the warranty may include complimentary routine maintenance – which includes oil changes – for a certain number of months/miles.
  • An oil change is often a good time to get other service issues addressed. If your brakes, steering, or ignition are having any problems, consult with the experienced technicians at Tate Branch Artesia near Roswell. We can perform a quick inspection to see what the problem is.

Visit our Service Center at Tate Branch Artesia 

If you’re asking how much is an oil change, you can get the answer and the best service at our Roswell-area dealership service center. Contact us or visit our Artesia dealership today!


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