How Do I Reset the Check Engine Light on my RAM 1500?

2022 Ram 1500 Classic

Many of our Roswell customers often ask our service department about how to reset the check engine light on their RAM 1500 and we’re here to help! It’s a relatively simple process, so you’re able to do this at home, but if you’d like professional assistance, schedule a service with us and we’ll be happy to do the task for you. For those who want to give it a whirl themselves, follow the simple instructions below: 

  1. Make sure your vehicle is turned off your RAM 1500 and open the hood
  2. Disconnect the positive cable from the battery 
  3. Wait 15-20 minutes 
  4. Turn your key in the ignition to the “ON” position to clear the emissions data
  5. Reconnect the positive cable to the battery and turn the key in the ignition again
  6. Wait one minute and the error light should be gone. 



This process should reset the vehicle’s computer. In some older models, you may also need to drive the truck for up to 50 miles to re-calibrate the computer. 

Note that when the battery has been disconnected, it not only resets the computer but most likely will also reset the security system or other electronic systems inside the vehicle. 

Why is My Check Engine Light On? 

While removing the error light is the goal, it’s also important to know why the light was on in the first place. There are a variety of reasons why the light came on. It could be as minor as the gas cap not being secured tightly enough or as major as a faulty solenoid. Regardless, take the error message seriously the first time around and take care of your vehicle when you see it. It’s important for your safety while driving through Clovis streets. 

  1. Make Sure it’s the Check Engine Light: While it may seem obvious, there are so many warning lights that it’s easy to mistake it for something different like the “service required” light. Take a good look at the warning and refer to your owner’s manual for an identification key. 
  2. Check Your Gas Cap: This is the most common reason why Ruidoso customer’s check engine light comes on. Luckily, it’s also the easiest to fix. Go to your gas cap and make sure it’s screwed correctly and securely. Then follow the instructions above and the light should turn off. 
  3. Check the Codes: Your RAM 1500 contains a computer that can generate a variety of error codes. These codes describe what’s causing the check engine light to appear so it can be fixed efficiently. You can purchase an automotive diagnostic scanner to take care of the issue or you can have our service department take care of it for you.

Let Tate Branch Artesia’s Service Department Take Care of You!

While you do not want to take care of it yourself, you now know more about your RAM 1500 check engine light! Contact us if you have any additional questions, and make sure you check our service coupons before your next appointment. 


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